stillwaters services & activities cancelled 3/15-3/28

Message from Pastor Tony:

Dear Church, 

Upon further reflection and seeing the Facebook posting of Bob Blanton‘s daughter-in-law who is in Italy-Saying that if people had followed better precautions early on Italy would not be nearly as bad as it is right now- perhaps discretion is the better part of valor.

How about we do this: we act like this Sunday is a snow day. We haven’t had one so there you go. And next Sunday I will broadcast from the church. We will cancel services for two weeks. And simply take it From there. No extracurricular activities as well.

God bless. Enjoy your snow day with family devotions and worship on the 15th, and then on the 22nd I will broadcast at 10 AM on Sunday from the church with the live streaming service. God bless, and may all of us remember that God is sovereign and loves his people with a love that will never fail!