God tells us to sing songs for his praise and glory, and so we do! 

Stillwaters music tends toward a blended, acoustic-based style; featuring contemporary worship songs, modernized hymns, and traditional hymns.

Annie Ingram and Sara Fiscus currently lead the music ministry at Stillwaters alongside a rotation of our community's singers, pianists, guitarists, and even saxophonists! If you would like to share your musical talent for God's glory, please speak with any of our worship leaders to find your place on the team. 

Concerned you don't know enough about playing music, but you're still interested in worship leadership? Why not try starting with learning how to operate the soundboard or running our service's live slideshow? Our team needs more than just the musicians to make it through each service!

Our team always appreciates your suggestions for songs that you would like added to our worship services. Please speak with one of our leaders so that we may take your suggestion into consideration. Note that some songs may not work for our current instrumentation; while others may be more appropriate for a special.