men's ministry

At Stillwaters we believe in the power of men who are willing to be real with each other and walk together in pursuit of Jesus' call for our lifeStress, money-issues, relationships, child-rearing, jobs ... all of these realities can try our patience and our faith. But when we face life together, under the authority of God and in the power of his Spirit we greatly benefit! 

  • Events: Each year the men retreat for a weekend for an awesome weekend together focusing on courageous, active living for God. There are all sorts of activities available throughout the weekend, including day hikes, skeet shooting, pick up football, 4-wheelers, and food! Ages 14 and up. Details to come. 
  • Men's Sports Ministry Team: Teams in Softball, Bowling (Co-Ed) and Basketball. See here for more info. Contact Fred Glaeser
  • Intentional Mentoring: Want to join an intentional one-on-one relationship to further your spiritual growth? Contact Joel Fiscus
  • Christian Service Brigade: A ministry of Godly men to young boys and young men. To learn for yourself or for your son, contact Mark Fiscus

Pay for men's events

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