Church planting

To paraphrase Jesus' words: "You will be my witnesses, in your backyards, your nation, and to the world" (Acts 1:8). Our goal for church planting is to see communities of faith springing up where there were not ones, including our immediate region. To that end, in February 2015, Stillwaters called Robbie Schmidtberger to become our Pastor of Church Planting. Robbie and his wife, Jennifer, moved here this past June. Over the next year or two, Robbie will be laying down the groundwork for a church plant. Already their ministry has been a blessing to us.

You can learn more about Robbie and Jennifer's church planting venture at their website. If you wish to financially partner with them, you can do so here.  

Read on if you want to learn more. 

Robbie Schmidtberger

"God has been working in my life ever since the day I was born. My parents, both strong Christians, fed me a rich diet full of biblical teaching. I've always loved the church and God's ministry, but it was not until college when God began to expose me to the world of church planting. That was 10 years ago. After graduation God led me into education, where I taught high school religion. There I saw a very deep need for Christ. While teaching God opened the door for me to begin taking night classes at a local seminary. I graduated in 2013 and was called to serve Grace and Peace Presbyterian Church as their assistant pastor. Grace and Peace, a new church herself, was a great joy for me. The first Sunday we were there, only 12 people attended, but when we left over 60 people regularly met together to worship. God is doing a great work through church planting, through his people sharing the gospel and openly sharing their lives."  

Now Jennifer and I are here at Stillwaters to learn and grow as church planters. Tony is a gifted pastor and evangelist; Peter is a gifted administrator and discipler. It's a joy to partner in the gospel with them. 

We're committed to proclaiming the gospel, seeing churches planted through conversion. It is something that we love, we love seeing people come to faith in Jesus Christ. It's one of the most incredible encouragements. And God designed evangelism, conversion and growth to happen in community. That's where church planting must begin. 

Over the next year or two we'll see how God is working in Jennifer's life, as well as my own, in Stillwaters, our collective of churches, and the kingdom. The Spirit will show us where he wants his church planted. We're not interested in increasing "our tribe or brand." Instead we want to see lives transformed as people come to know Jesus Christ. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email Robbie.